Emerson College's monthly showcase for creativity

A space for artists to show their work—films, writing, performances, illustrations, photography, animations, poetry, graphic designs, music, and more.

Open to students (and faculty) of all years and majors.

Junction’s one requirement is that every department must be represented. But your submission doesn’t need to relate to your major—WLP majors, for example, are more than welcome to submit their photography, and performing art majors can submit their short films. Professors, staff, and students studying abroad are invited to submit their work also.

The mediums are the message.

Whatever form your work takes—printed, prerecorded, or live—it can be exhibited at Junction. Photos, illustrations, writing, and other printed work will be hung or mounted. Videos, performances, and other live work will be shown in a program starting about half an hour after Junction begins.

And it’s more than just an exhibit.

Steve Jobs once said that “creativity is just connecting things.” And it’s in this spirit that Junction was formed. What connections can we make when people of diverse creative backgrounds come together?


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info@junction.io | @junctionshow

Ryan Catalani
Founder, director
Emily Yumkas
Andrew Harwood
Sadie Bonang